Instream video advertising now on the Seznam homepage

22. February 2021

During the summer and autumn, we tested the display of videos from the video platform on the homepage to find out how this media type will work in the article feed. At the same time, we introduced instream advertising on our website which is visited by 4 million real people every day.

Videos are now an integral part of the homepage. There is also a new video advertising space now available. Although we are just getting started, we already know that this is one of the main Seznam video services with 4 million weekly video impressions.

How does video work on Seznam?

Videos start playing automatically, without audio as a default. If the person interacts with the video in any way, the sound will start. If there is no interaction, the video will stop automatically after 13 seconds and prompt the user to continue watching.

After watching the video for 40 seconds, an ad will appear. It also appears at the end of the video – which is called postroll. If the user scrolls away from the video and it drops off the screen, it will stop automatically. This makes the video ad visible and with sound.

Which formats are available?

Advertisers can choose a standard skippable video spot and bumper in all forms of ad space buying – direct sales, Sklik and RTB.

The average view rate for a 30-second video is around 20% and the CTR reaches 1.5%.