shakes up the world of video advertising and is about to conquer audio as well

The video market is growing significantly, and there is no doubt that has played a significant part in this. But what is behind the success of video advertising and what is it that we are cooking up in the field of audio advertising? Check out our product blockbusters and hot audio news.

The number of video plays on our homepage has been recorded since last October. In March 2021, we accounted for 75% of all Czech Internet playback. How did we do it? Well, straight after the articles we just added videos to the feed on our homepage. This may remind you of a feed on Facebook, for example, with the difference being that on we only focus on content created by professionals. In the feed, you can find video production from external websites as well as videos from our video portal and other content services – such as, or Prož

We also started testing the new business product Seznam True View last year. This guarantees that client’s view the advertising video to the end (maximum 30 seconds). And the growing interest in it speaks volumes about the product’s success. Month-on-month, 100% increases in the amounts of investment is evidence of the product’s popularity. Agencies are increasingly asking for True View and consider it an advertising format comparable to YouTube. Even though the jump in video advertising has offset prices, at we have reduced these by up to 20%. We are very close to the competitions’ price-marks.

Interest in podcasts will skyrocket

At, we see a great opportunity in audio content. And this is also connected with our upcoming novelty – a platform dedicated to podcasts. “Look how the video market has grown in half a year since we joined it. It can be similar with audio,” Tomáš Búřil, Sales Director, says of the new service. We have big plans with audio advertising. It will work similarly to the video ad on our homepage, which has several levels – you can use external videos and sell advertising in them, sell product placement or create content tailored advertising. And audio advertising will work similarly. Creators will be able to place them on all distribution platforms, but we will be the only ones on our platform to be able to share the direct advertising revenues with them. In the future, we would like to offer clients special cooperation in the form of recording customized podcasts.

Tomáš also refutes the claim that investments in Internet advertising by volume attack investments in television. According to him, the internet market could have a volume of around 16 billion crowns. “If we take into account that the Internet players grew their advertising in 2020, while television rather stagnated, we come to the fact that the Internet market is almost double the television market,” he adds.

A popular topic recently has been the end of third-party cookies. How does deal with this? Well, we offer external website login via Seznam, which is currently independent of third-party cookies. This enables advertisers and agencies to use the targeting they’re used to going forward, and so helps publishers to even better monetize their space.