Make Sklik acquisition campaigns work for you

Acquisition campaigns play a crucial role when advertising in the Sklik display network. These are primarily designed to bring in new potential customers and, in addition, they also help build the brand. Wondering what formats are suitable for acquisition campaigns? In this video, we will introduce these to you, including some practical tips on, for example, how to optimize a budget, the ideal frequency of impressions and other settings leading to maximum benefit.

Sklik advertising does not end with search

A standard campaign deployment in Sklik starts with search campaigns. People actively search for products or services and are shown a text ad or a product ad in response to their query.

While these performance-driven campaigns do generate direct conversions, in the long run it’s not enough to rely solely on people searching for products on their own. This is when acquisition campaigns come into play. They allow you to quickly spread the word about offers or special promotions and bring new users to the site.

Which formats are suitable for acquisition campaigns?

You can use all the advertising formats available in Sklik for acquisition campaigns. For example, branding is the ideal visual format, but do not be afraid to use video as well. Combined ads are often represented in acquisition, since they can generally achieve a lower cost per click. Plus, this allows you to test different texts without having to create new visuals. Of course, banners are also suitable for acquisition and we recommend deploying them in all supported sizes.

Acquisition campaign settings

You can choose from two payment models for campaigns in the display network – CPC, cost per click, or CPT, cost per thousand impressions. Choose the payment model based on the desired results – with the CPT model, the click-through rate does not affect the ad’s display, so users will see it even if the CTR is lower.

We recommend separating the budget for acquisition campaigns from performance campaigns.

Also, think about the frequency of impressions setting and do not forget to adjust it in the campaign settings. It’s not advisable to overwhelm the user at this stage of the buying process, the ad should first and foremost engage them. The goal is to get as many relevant clicks as possible that match the set goals and generate demand.

Making use of retargeting audiences

With a retargeting list, you can exclude users who have recently visited your website in acquisition campaigns. This way, you can target new users who you can also reach with a more general message. This will lead them to your website and include them in your retargeting lists. In the following days, you will be able to reach these users again, this time with a more specific retargeting or dynamic retargeting ad. General acquisition advertising will no longer be displayed to these users.

What about evaluation?

The share of campaigns on final conversions is often underestimated, so we recommend analysing the visitor’s path in Google Analytics to monitor the reports Top Conversion Paths and Multi-channel Paths – Assisted Conversions.

In Sklik, we then recommend tracking metrics that help you to evaluate your ad reach (Unique Users, New Users, Impression Frequency) and how your ad is performing in the auction (Win Rate).

Acquisition campaigns play an important role in brand building and definitely have their place in the marketing mix. We believe your brand will benefit from them too.

For the Sklik team: Radka Hrotková, Ondřej Němec and Daniel Tikal